i remember the first time we met, at the skate park through our friends…you were so quiet.

i remember the first time we hung out, with all our friends driving around doing donuts at a church parking lot while we sit in the back laughing about it.

i remember the first time we hung out just the two of us, you surprised me with flowers and chocolate because you knew i had a bad day. I didn’t know what to say to you when i received them.

 i remember the first time we knew this was love at first sight, at the lake, away from our friends but you were going to push me in. Instead, you picked me up and we just locked eyes and never looked away. We knew we had love for one another.

I remember the first time we kissed, our friend was egging you on to do and you took the challenge and went in for a kiss, well…maybe even four. I still felt something like I did at the lake.

I remember the first time i got a hint you liked me. Our friend kept messing around with me and you finally told him to knock it off and ended up scooting closer to me.

i remember the first time we held hands, it was like your hand fit mine perfectly. While sitting at the skate park being showed off your friends.

i remember the first time you asked me out, i thought it was a joke..until you asked the third time to where i knew it was a serious question.

i remember the first date, a dinner and movie…couldn’t of been better.

i remember the first prom I went to, you were my date for my senior year, i won’t forget it.

I remember the first time i stayed at your house, i didn’t want the night to end, it was perfect…being able to sleep next to you and wake up by you too.

i remember the first time you surprised me, besides the flowers and chocolate…you bought me chocolates and a teddy bear…such a sweet thing to do. I couldn’t thank you enough..especially getting a card venting your feelings out.

i remember the first time we went camping, out in the woods before i leave, such a good time by the fire and of course, received a dream kiss under the starry sky with the guy i love.

i remember the first “i love you.”, So much to say, but no words to express it all to each other. It means more than we have ever loved someone and its true pure love.

i remember the first road trip, fun and exciting but sad and depressing as well. Moving from state to state, knowing we don’t want to loose each other but the hard time of doing long distance.

i remember the first long distant relationship, tough and missing the one you love most, after seeing each other everyday changes to every few months. Hard and strong as we are, we can make this love go threw anything after what we have been threw already as a couple…looking for this love to be forever and always.